Reasons to Believe

Our Mission

Reasons to Believe (RTB) exists to spread the Christian Gospel by demonstrating that sound reason and scientific research—including the very latest discoveries—consistently support, rather that erode, confidence in the truth of the Bible and faith in the personal, transcendent God revealed in both Scripture and nature. We specifically engage influencers, educators, and other leaders with our integrative creation model, while we encourage and equip pastors and all fellow believers to participate with us in the Great Commission.


Our Core Values

  • A high view of both Scripture and science
  • Apologetics for the sake of evangelism
  • Constructive integration of all scientific disciplines and all books of the Bible
  • Commitment to application
  • Ongoing development of a testable creation model
  • Readiness to give reasons for our hope (1 Peter 3:15-16)
  • Gentleness, respect, and a clear conscience (personal and scholarly integrity)


Our History

Raised in a secular home and passionate about astronomy from early childhood, Hugh Ross was stirred by the theological implications of cosmological discoveries. Since the universe had a beginning, it must have a Beginner. On that basis he decided to investigate the world’s “holy books” to test them for scientific (as well as historical) accuracy and consistency. Only the Bible passed the test.

When Hugh began to share his findings with others, he was surprised to discover how many people see science as a barrier to trust in Scripture and to faith in Jesus Christ. In 1986, he and his wife, Kathy, founded Reasons to Believe, a ministry devoted to breaking down that barrier. Through the years they have assembled a team of scholars to assist in spreading the message that the facts of nature and words of Scripture point to one and the same Creator-Redeemer.

The Early Years

  • 1986 – Hugh and Kathy launch RTB from a small office at their church in Sierra Madre. Outreach efforts begin on college campuses across Southern California.
  • 1989 – Ministry outreach grows to include paced out auditoriums at university campuses nationwide and overseas. Hugh’s first book, The Fingerprint of God, makes best-seller lists. Today, RTB scholars have published 19 books and 1,600+ articles (and counting).
  • 1990 – The first local RTB chapter forms.
  • 1992 – RTB expands into a new location to fulfull the great demand to teach and provide resources for outreach and equipping.
  • 1993 – RTB receives the first of several Angel Awards for its weekly program on TBN and for the documentary Journey Toward Creation.
  • 1995 – RTB becomes one of the first Christian ministries to use the Internet as an outreach and equipping resource.
  • 1997 – The scholar team expands with the addition of philosopher and theologian Kenneth Samples.
  • 1999 – The ministry celebrates the formation of its first international chapter and biochemist Fazale Rana joins the scholar team.

Growing in the Twenty-First Century

  • 2000 – The first national RTB conference is held in Southern California and JPL physicist Dave Rogstad joins the scholar team. 
  • 2001 – RTB launches the Creation Update webcast.
  • 2003 – RTB launches Reasons Institute, an accredited online learning program. Today, 250 trainees enroll in Reasons Institute annually.
  • 2005 – UCLA astrophysicist Jeff Zweerink joins the scholar team and Today’s New Reason to Believe is launched.
  • 2006 – Reasons Academy, a high school curriculum, is added to the online course options.
  • 2008 – The ministry makes the switch from webcasting to podcasting with Science News Flash.
  • 2009 – RTB scholars join the faculty of Biola University, A. W. Tozer Seminary, and Southern Evangelical Seminary as adjunct professors. I Didn’t Know That! and Straight Thinking are added to RTB’s podcast line up.
  • 2010 – The Visiting Scholar Program launches; it continues to welcome scholars from various fields to contribute to RTB’s equipping resources. Ken Samples’s blog, Reflections, begins.

25 Years and Beyond

  • 2011 – RTB commemorates its 25th anniversary with a special edition reprinting of The Fingerprint of God and a week-long cruise conference in Alaska.
  • 2012 – More than 40 chapter leaders from across North America gather at RTB headquarters for a three-day conference. Today, we have 44 chapters (and counting) throughout the United States and in Canada and Australia.
  • 2013 – RTB acquires a new facility to accommodate ministry growth and increasing demands for reliable science-faith resources. A new branch of the ministry’s resource production, RTB Press, launches with the publication of Christian Endgame by Kenneth Samples and RTB scholars participate in over 250 events and media interviews annually.
  • 2015 – RTB partners with Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and Biola University to host the first AMP Conference in Anaheim, CA. Reasons Institute premieres The Lab, a three-day mentoring program for Christian students studying science, engineering, and medical research.

4 thoughts on “Reasons to Believe

  1. I’ve read ‘A Matter of Days’ and am about to embark on ‘Navigating Genesis’. I really appreciate Dr. Ross’ harmonization of scriptural interpretation and his great scientific knowledge. It’s interesting that my church wants to promote a Creation Ministries International presentation this September and that I was able to ask the board to look at the RTB website or borrow one of the books I have by Dr. Ross and present at least a balance endorsement that there is very good reasoning to support old earth creation. I’m not sure if I have the confidence to address the CMI scientist when he comes but I’ll sure be rereading your books and following the blog so I can be best prepared.

  2. You cannot “integrate “science and God
    God is a …”concept ” of mans mind.
    The bible is no reference for God since it was written by many people translated across several languages…
    And deals in delusional issues some in unscientific time.
    Science deals in testable reparable facts and does not deal in “delusional ideas “held by others.
    Science and logic and commonsense tells you you cannot turn water into wine.
    Psychology suggests when you hear God ” talking to you” it is most likely your “subconscious mind ” or you have a mental health issue such as Schitzerphrenia…..Amen

    1. Hi Ed,

      I’m the editor for TNRTB. I forwarded your question to RTB’s ministry care department. This was the reply I received. I hope it helps. 🙂

      Right now we do not have current podcasts available for download on iPhones. You can listen to (not download)the podcasts from this link on mobile devices. Also, on that page you will find an FAQ section for more information about how listen from your iPhone. 120 days after a podcast has been released, it becomes available on our website and from there it can be downloaded to iTunes. Sorry, I know it’s a little confusing, but feel free to call us should you have any questions: (855) 732-7667.

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