• We live in a world that values tolerance and religious pluralism. Because of this widespread attitude, perhaps it’s not surprising that one of the questions I’m most often asked by non-Christian academics relates to the identity of the Designer. They want to know, how does the scientific case for intelligent design specifically identify the God of the Bible as the Designer?

    I answer this question differently than many of my friends associated with the Intelligent Design (ID) Movement. They argue that scientific inquiry cannot determine the Designer’s identity. Christian ID proponents maintain that there are nonscientific reasons why they believe that the biblical God is the Designer, but they insist that the Designer’s identity is not a question science can address.

    I respectfully disagree.

Reverse Engineering: A Seahorse Tale

A fundamental assumption in the scientific investigation of living things is that the components of an organism or cell have specific functions. The evidence for design in nature at both the macro (organismal) and micro (cellular) levels is overwhelming. Reverse engineering of natural machines, in addition to revealing their purpose in nature, has revealed new … Continue reading


Mitochondrial Genomes: Evidence for Evolution or Creation?

Little kids love to ask, “Why?” So do skeptics; however, their “why” questions aren’t asked to gain insight. Instead, they are rhetorical—posed to highlight inconsistencies between the way the world actually is and the ideal that arises out of the Christian worldview. In this vein, skeptics object to the notion of creation and intelligent design … Continue reading


Dead Reckoning in Human Beings: An Example of Excellent Design

On May 25, 1961, President John F. Kennedy gave the United States of America a national goal of “landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.” The president went on to say, “This decision demands a major national commitment of scientific and technical manpower.” Among the numerous complexities surrounding this … Continue reading


Global Warming Affects Carbon Dating

The mention of global warming—or its more current name, climate change—tends to bring out a lot of strong opinions. Those skeptical of human-induced climate change are often labeled “climate deniers.” Others use terms like scam or hoax toward the whole idea of global warming. Regardless of the issue’s criticisms, there is a reason to be … Continue reading


Searching for Earth 2.0

“NASA Finds Earth-like Kepler-452b: Discovery May Help Prove We’re Not Alone” “What’s Life like on Kepler-452b? A Little like This, Maybe?” “NASA Finds ‘Earth’s Bigger, Older Cousin’” “Kepler-452b: What It Would Be like to Live on Earth’s ‘Cousin’” So read the headlines based on a NASA press release about the most recent “habitable planet” discovery. … Continue reading


New Discovery Hands Human Evolution a Challenge

The human hand is remarkable. It permits humans to manufacture and use a wide range of tools, distinguishing us from animals and undoubtedly contributing to our success as a species. One of the unique features of the human hand is our lengthy thumbs. In contrast, chimpanzees have much shorter thumbs, strikingly disproportionate to their long … Continue reading


Q&A: Does the Bible Misrepresent the Domestication of Camels?

A Facebook friend named Oliver recently asked for help addressing an unusual challenge to biblical inerrancy. A skeptical friend of Oliver’s claimed that the Bible misrepresents the timing of camel domestication. He wrote, “If the Bible can’t even get that right, how can I believe the rest of what it says?” I admit I had … Continue reading


How to Evaluate the Certainty in Scientific Discoveries

When people approach me after a speaking engagement, they often express great excitement and joy over the new scientific evidences I present for the Christian faith and for the inspiration and inerrancy of the Bible. However, many of these same folks are reluctant to use these evidences in their personal witnessing to non-Christian family, friends, … Continue reading


Cosmic Inflation: It Really Happened

In March 2014, a South Pole research team reported that BICEP2 had detected gravitational waves and definitively proved that the universe experienced hyper-expansion (an inflation event) when it was extremely young.1 Such a momentous discovery, everyone agreed, was worthy of a Nobel Prize; however, it was not to be. In their zeal to be the … Continue reading


Fine-Tuning the Ratio of Small to Large Stars

For decades, astronomers have assumed that the ratio of small-mass stars to high-mass stars observed in our Milky Way Galaxy (MWG) is a universal constant for all galaxies. A growing body of data, however, now challenges that assumption. Astronomers refer to this ratio as the stellar initial mass function (IMF). The IMF is important for … Continue reading

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