• A few years ago, I took part in an email exchange with a prominent origin-of-life researcher after he read my book Origins of Life (coauthored with Hugh Ross). He expressed the concern that "the creationist perspective stops the questioning process."... I have found that this sentiment is widely held among scientists—and, frankly, it is a legitimate objection on some level. I have found that this sentiment is widely held among scientists—and, frankly, it is a legitimate objection on some level. If the questioning process grinds to a halt, then science becomes impossible. Responding to this concern was one motivation for me and Hugh to develop and present a creation model for the origin of life. As scientists ourselves, we have no desire to stultify the question and research process. Read more...

Q&A: How Did Human Disease Originate?

From Robert in Acworth, GA I know many believe that diseases came about as a result of the fall. I do not believe this is RTB’s position, but I could not articulate exactly what RTB’s position is on this. If diseases did not originate with the fall, then when? With the creation of man? Is … Continue reading

Is Forgiving-and-Forgetting Good for You?

Have you ever felt that things were just not right, that you were not at peace? Have you ever realized that perhaps a conflict with a friend or acquaintance had caused some ongoing hurt, and you had not yet done anything to repair that relationship? Or worse, you experienced a slow burning anger that wouldn’t … Continue reading

The Black Hole at the Center of the Milky Way

How would the world look if you saw only gamma rays? Instead of the normal tapestry of colors, everything would appear rather uniform and mundane. Lifting your gaze upward would reveal an uneven glow with a bright band corresponding to the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy. This largely unchanging picture—unaffected by day or night—of … Continue reading

Mixing It Up: Burrowing Animals Contribute to Regulated Oxygen Levels

Have you ever built a tower of blocks? If so, then you know the importance of starting with a stable base. Without such a base, the weight of the blocks, small nudges, or even the vibrations from a passer-by can cause the tower to come crashing down. A stable base is also essential to support … Continue reading

What’s in a Name?: Hurricane Monikers and the Problem of Evil

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose By any other word would smell as sweet. So Romeo would, were he not Romeo call’d, Retain that dear perfection which he owes Without that title.” Romeo and Juliet, 2.2 Contrary to what Juliet might think, psychologists have recently learned there is much “in a … Continue reading

Neanderthal Population Data Raises Doubt about Human-Neanderthal Interbreeding

As a high school student, I was frequently summoned to the principal’s office—usually because he thought I was responsible for carrying out some type of misdeed. And, more often than not, he was right. Guilty as charged! Invariably, my response was to lie and deny—and I learned quickly that if I was going to talk … Continue reading

Q&A: Relativity, Expansion, and the Speed of Light

From Keith I’m currently reading The Creator and the Cosmos and have a question regarding the expanding universe. As the expansion of the universe increases, Hugh said that eventually the rate of expansion would exceed the speed of light and we wouldn’t be able to see light from those distant stars any longer. But I … Continue reading

Q&A: Did Radiation Levels Change during Noah’s Flood?

From Clay in Clyde, OH I have a friend who is a young-earther, and one of his reasons for doubting carbon dating methods is he believes radiation levels changed at the time of the flood, which he views as global. I’ve read several articles on your site about carbon dating but haven’t found an answer … Continue reading


Q&A: Does the Gobekli Tepe Site Contradict the Biblical Account of Man?

From Peg in Mesa, AZ How does RTB explain the Gobekli Tepe mystery? For many people this type of archeological evidence is very difficult to reconcile with the biblical account of man. **** I presume the difficulty to which you refer is the early dates for artifacts found at the Gobekli Tepe site. Radiocarbon dates … Continue reading


It’s No Gag: Pharyngeal Reflex Shows Intelligent Creation

Dentists constantly remind patients to brush their teeth well, including the tongue. But as any brusher knows, an errant stroke to the back of the tongue triggers a gag reflex, which also causes the eyes to tear. But why should a stimulus applied in the oral cavity––the opening of the gastrointestinal tract––have any effect on … Continue reading

  • Hidden Treasures in the Book of Job

    Arguably the oldest book in the Bible, the book of Job has a surprising amount to say about some of the newest scientific discoveries and controversies. With careful consideration and exegesis, Hugh Ross shows that the Bible is an accurate predictor of scientific discoveries, and that both the book of Scripture and the book of nature are consistent both internally and externally.
  • Creating Life in the Lab

    Representing the best of RTB's efforts to anticipate scientific breakthroughs and explain their contribution to the case for Christian faith, biochemist Fuz Rana shows how recent advances in synthetic biology actually undermine the evolutionary explanation for the origin of life. Creating Life in the Lab addresses the scientific, theological, and philosophical aspects on both the dangers and promises of synthetic biology.
  • If God Made the Universe…Why Is It the Way It Is?

    Drawing from his popular book Why the Universe Is the Way It Is, Dr. Hugh Ross shares Scripture, stunning satellite photos, and the most recent scientific findings to explain the great love story that is our universe. This DVD series invites you to be a part of Dr. Ross’ small group. Each session includes a brief presentation (about 20 minutes), followed by Q&A.
  • Impact Events: The Earth

    In this unique student devotional, astrophysicist Jeff Zweerink and seasoned small-group leader Ken Hultgren connect little-known facts about our planet with faith-building insights about the Creator. The booklet includes practical, yet thought-provoking questions to help students apply each lesson’s principles to their lives. This Impact Events series is designed to transform your life and faith with truth from God’s Word and evidence from God’s world. God wants to impact your life. Will you let Him?

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