Challenge Your Mind in the New Year

2015-fireworks-1When most people think about New Year’s resolutions things like diet and exercise usually come to mind. However, there is another important sphere of life that needs reflection and discipline—the mind. Undoubtedly, everyone can benefit as much from mental exercise and a healthy consumption of good books, as from physical exertion and good eating habits. After all, the Lord Jesus Christ called his disciples to love God with all of their being, which includes the gift of the mind (Matthew 22:37).

In the spirit of encouraging healthy mental habits in the new year and equipping Christians to grow intellectually as well as spiritually in their faith, RTB theologian and avid reader Kenneth Samples offers several challenging intellectual resolutions, including reading lists, for your New Year’s consideration.

For more thought provoking content from Kenneth, stop by his blog, Reflections, or listen to his podcast, Straight Thinking.

Intellectual goals

Reading lists


By the RTB Scholar Team

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