TNRTB Classic: Evidence for an Ancient Earth

RTB maintains that the best integration of God’s revelation in Scripture and His revelation in nature leads to the conclusion that physical creation is ancient. Just as the author of Genesis talks about the “blessings of the ancient mountains” and “bounty of the age-old hills,” so scientists’ studies of Earth’s history show how billions of years of plate tectonics, water cycle operation, and life have played a role in preparing an abundance of resources for humanity to utilize.

New additions to our RTB 101 web feature highlight the biblical evidence for an old Earth as well as the scientific evidence. One interesting scientific development relates to the date for the first humans. Three different lines of evidence—fossil remains, archeological items, and genetic data—all point to a recent origin of humanity, about 100,000 years ago.

The fact that what we learn from our studies of creation matches what we learn from our studies of the Bible provides even more reason to believe that both are revelations from God.

One Response to “TNRTB Classic: Evidence for an Ancient Earth”
  1. David Drake says:

    OK How to justify change of understanding from Genesis 6 days of creation?

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