Misunderstood Creatures: A Roundup of Creepy Crawly Articles and Podcasts

On Monday, guest writer Katie Galloway reported on research of ant-inspired algorithms. So, this Halloween we’re following her article with a roundup of resources focused on the things that make our skin crawl—from bats to slime mold to artificial life-forms.

Many of the resources here address “misunderstood” aspects of creation. For example, rats and bacteria have acquired bad reputations—often for legitimate reasons—yet they also provide important benefits to their environments and to humanity. The field of synthetic biology can seem rather Frankenstein-like, but it offers opportunities for incredible breakthroughs in medicine, industry, and technology, as well as a chance to develop thoughtful dialogue about ethics in science.

We hope these articles and podcasts will help you develop a deeper understanding of nature’s less agreeable characters and see the Creator’s love and care in all areas of creation.

Spiders and Bugs

Viruses, Bacteria, and Parasites

Slime Mold

Sea Creatures

Rats and Bats

Synthetic Life-Forms


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