TNRTB Classic: Incredible Discoveries and Inventions

Scientists continually make discoveries that reveal fascinating aspects of God’s incredible universe or design fantastic inventions that illuminate the Creator’s image in us. For a look at discoveries and inventions from past years, see the articles below.

  • Cool Discoveries 1” –  The most distant gamma-ray burst, brightest gamma-ray burst, and Earth’s oldest crust material
  • Cool Discoveries 2” – An even bigger gamma-ray burst, flying cars, and measuring asteroids by telescope
  • Cool Discoveries 3” – Energizing batteries, a nuclear reactor upgrade, and “invisibility cloaks”
  • More Cool Discoveries” – Earthquake trackers, energy efficient hornets, world’s best clock, and self-healing powers

One thought on “TNRTB Classic: Incredible Discoveries and Inventions

    Discovery, Volume 4, Number 10, April 2013

    Click to access d_20130402.pdf

    Source of these discoveries:
    Padmanabha Rao MA,
    UV dominant optical emission newly detected from radioisotopes and XRF sources,
    Braz. J. Phy., 40, no 1, 38-46,2010.

    M.A. Padmanabha Rao’s Six Fundamental Physics Discoveries including the discovery of Bharat Radiation.
    P. K. Ray, Former Director, Bose Institute, Ministry of Science and Technology, Kolkata cited in his article SCIENCE, CULTURE AND DEVELOPMENT — A CONNECTED PHENOMENA, Everyman’s Science Vol. XLVII No. 4, Oct ’12 —Nov ’12.

    1. M.A. Padmanabha Rao,
    Discovery of Sun’s Bharat Radiation emission causing Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) and UV dominant optical radiation,
    IOSR Journal of Applied Physics (IOSR-JAP), Volume 3, Issue 2 (Mar. – Apr. 2013), PP 56-60,

    2. M.A. Padmanabha Rao,
    Discovery of Self-Sustained 235-U Fission Causing Sunlight by Padmanabha Rao Effect,
    IOSR Journal of Applied Physics (IOSR-JAP), Volume 4, Issue 2 (Jul. – Aug. 2013), PP 06-24,

    EXCERPTS OF THE PAPER: Sunlight phenomenon being one of the most complex phenomena in science evaded from previous researchers. Understanding the phenomenon needed advanced knowledge in the fields of nuclear physics, X-ray physics, and atomic spectroscopy. A surprise finding, optical emission detected from Rb XRF source in 1988 led to the discovery of a previously unknown atomic phenomenon causing Bharat radiation emission followed by optical emission from radioisotopes and XRF sources reported in 2010 [10]. The same phenomenon was found causing the Sunlight. However, it took nearly 25 years of research to reach the current level of understanding the Sunlight
    phenomenon reported here.

    (1) On the basis of fusion, many solar lines could not be identified previously and what causes these lines remained puzzling. Though 11 solar lines could be identified by other researchers, they became questionable. The significant breakthrough has come when it became possible now to identify as many as 153 lines on the basis of uranium fission taking place on Sun’s core surface. Surprisingly, the fission products released in Chernobyl reactor accident in 1986 also seem to be present in solar flares.
    (2) Explained what are Sun’s dark spots and their cause.
    (3) For the first time, it is shown what constitutes Dark Matter and showed existence of Dark Matter in Sun.
    (4) It is explained with unprecedented detail how Bharat Radiation from fission products (radioisotopes) causes Sunlight by an atomic phenomenon known as Padmanabha Rao Effect.

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