TNRTB Classic: Evidence for Constant Decay Rates

Earlier this week guest writer Alfred Tang discussed the variable decay rates hypothesis and the physics problems that arise from it. The rate of radioactive decay has long been a source of debate. However, it seems that an immense amount of data points to both an ancient Earth and universe. See these articles and podcasts to better understand how the evidence for constant radioactive decay rates fits into the RTB creation model.


3 thoughts on “TNRTB Classic: Evidence for Constant Decay Rates

    1. Hi Shawn,

      I’m one of the editors for TNRTB. The best sources for the details of our creation model are our books. Hugh Ross’ “More Than a Theory” provides a comprehensive summary of our model. However, you can also check out the summary page on this blog (click on the tab “RTB’s Creation Model” at the top) or check out our RTB 101 pages, which describe RTB’s stance on various topics and include links to articles and podcasts ( You can also search RTB’s Creation Model on our website. I hope this info is helpful!


      1. Thank you Maureen. I have made a study of creation models lately and will pick up this book. I look forward to reading it.

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