TNRTB Classic: Astronomers Assess the Age Debate

In 2009, Dr. Hugh Ross and Dr. Danny Faulkner presented their best astronomical evidence for their positions on the age of the universe. Dr. Ross presented a case for an old universe and Dr. Faulkner, for a young universe. A panel of astronomers, all evangelical Christians, assessed the evidence and issued a statement explaining which position they believe best fit the data and why. It was their “professional judgment that the weight of the evidence overwhelmingly supports a universe that is billions of years old.” You can read their summary here:

One Response to “TNRTB Classic: Astronomers Assess the Age Debate”
  1. Donna says:

    I have not read the entire article, however, I do believe our system to be at least a billion
    years or more.. And I do ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE, one would be dense not to, as small a dot in the cosmic playground as we are,, that there is a LOT MORE LIFE out there.

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