Did God Create Using Evolutionary Processes?

American botanist Asa Gray was one of the first scientists in the United States to adopt and promote Darwin’s theory of biological evolution. Gray was also an orthodox Christian, who saw no conflict between a history of life on Earth that was the outworking of evolutionary processes and the Christian faith. Gray was perhaps one of the first people to espouse the view that has now come to be known as theistic evolution (or evolutionary creationism).

In recent years, theistic evolution has become increasingly prominent among evangelical Christians. However, many evangelicals and conservative believers remain reluctant to embrace this proposal. First, they feel that abandoning the historic Christian view of creation in favor of evolutionary creationism undermines key Christian ideas and doctrines and yields a narrative that doesn’t square with the biblical creation accounts.

Also, a significant amount of skepticism exists within these circles about the capacity of evolutionary mechanisms to account exclusively for life’s origin and the entirety of life’s history. RTB is among those that do not hold to theistic evolution. We believe there are significant scientific, biblical, and theological problems with theistic evolution.

Recently, on our I Didn’t Know That! podcast, we addressed a listener question about the historicity of Genesis 1–3 and theistic evolution. I invite you to listen to this episode for a detailed discussion about the RTB position on creation, providence, and the possibility of God using evolution to generate life.

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2 thoughts on “Did God Create Using Evolutionary Processes?

  1. In the beginning (Eternity has no beginning or end. God is saying, in the beginning of the manifestation of himself, the eternal God, through his creation. Followed by thousands, millions or even billions of earth years), God created the heaven and the earth.
    The biblical creation is just as described in Gods Word, the Bible, but must be only ever read with Holy Ghost inspired revelation. Such God inspired truth shows, as one reads the Holy Spirit instructed Mosaic script, which is in its entirety an opening up and revelation of Jesus Christ, that through the seven creative days, the days which are as a thousand years to God, that he has performed and instituted an evolutionary process in the bringing about of each creative day. Such paradoxical expression and manifestation of the Great Love of God through his spoken Word power produced, one could say, by evolutionary process, all of creation including his own Son Jesus Christ, the body of flesh that housed his own Spirit, which God is! Amen!

  2. Evolutionary biology proves that evolution is still in its ever moving forward process. Our very distant descendents may well look back on Jesus, Einstein and Hawking like we now look back upon Australopithicus.

    The Bible said: “God sent his ONLY begotten Son…” in the form of man (homo-sapien), yet homosapien mat be like an omeoba, or at best a very primitive multi-celled organism one day very far into the future! Hope God has another “Son” He could send to someday to die again for our extremely biologically and physiologically ultra-advanced descendents!

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