TNRTB Classic: The Top-Down Approach to Artificial Life

Earlier this week, I wrote about recent advances in the creation of artificial cells from the bottom-up. Researchers have also made significant progress in creating artificial life from the top-down.

The implications of this approach for the origin-of-life are the same as for the bottom-up endeavor. Namely, the creation of artificial life in the laboratory demonstrates that the genesis of life does not occur through random processes but requires the work of intelligent agency.

Click here for past articles and podcasts that discuss the top-down approach to artificial life.


2 thoughts on “TNRTB Classic: The Top-Down Approach to Artificial Life

  1. Your statement is a far fetched leap of faith!… Just because researches did something in the lab does not mean by default the beginnings of life could not be simple and follow laws of nature without any involvement from the mystical creator…

    Example: Researches purified water by some top down process in a lab – your answer/misguided logic: Since water can be purified using top down method and now you have science to prove it means it can’t be purified in nature (evaporation/condensation) therefore God must exist.. what a load of…. You know that logic could apply to anything… really who are you trying to convince…

    The only real prove that we actually have is that religion (any for that matter including Christian, Muslim and all the cargo religion flavours do check what they are very amusing) they are simply disease of human mind..

    The sad thing is your actually think your doing a good.

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